What is biodynamic?

a little about biodynamics...

Contrete vats for biodynamic wines in La Mancha

Biodynamics is an extension of organic farming that develops soil life and builds the natural immunity of the vine. Only natural yeasts are used and no artificial adjustments are made nor animal products added. The grower will try to use a holistic approach, preferring to generate raw material, like fertilizer and sprays, from the farm, from their community, or increasingly from cooperatives of like minded growers in the area.

An important aspect is a social one. Preference is always put on strengthening the community so machinery is often eschewed in favour of local manual labour. This is less practical in some agriculture but with vines there's a real benefit to having principally manual work in the vineyard. Using a horse to plough might seem a bit excessive but hands always beat machines at pruning and picking. Biodynamic methods help keep rural communities alive.

Whether or not you believe in these approaches, for us at mason & mason wines, time has proven that either they work or that the obsessive nature of biodynamic growers means they make better wines.

some facts about biodynamics...

Garganega grapes again

• The vineyard is protected homoeopathically with various organic sprays and treatments. While controversial in humans, vines do not get any placebo benefit and yet the results are very tangible.

• The activities in both vineyard and winery are carried out according to a calendar governed by the moon and planets. While this seems very wishy-washy, it does seem to help.

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two good reasons to drink biodynamic wines...

For us, the two principal benefits we see in biodynamic vineyards are that:

• The soil is more alive and healthier so it's harder for threats to rampage through them than the microbial voids that are conventional vineyards. Biodynamic growers are constantly putting condition into their soil, rather than purposefully destroying it to make a safe blank canvass with no life. Biodynamic vines are healthy through prevention, rather than chemical cure.

• The competition on the surface from other plants pushes the roots of the vines down deeper. They have better mineral horizons to draw upon and are less affected by conditions on the surface so the fruit is more concentrated, more flavoursome and healthier, certainly more resistant to ailments and more consistent.

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