Why organic?

Garganega grapes
Biodynamic vines

some key facts about organics...

• An organic wine is made with organically grown grapes without the introduction of foreign substances such as pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, chemical fertilizers or synthetic chemicals.

• Organic wines are ranked amongst the very top wines in the world.

• Organic wine tastes better from day one because the grapes are brimming with natural, complex fruit flavours.

• Industry experts predict a growth in the organic wine market.

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two good reasons to drink organic wine...

• Organic wines are easier on both your head and your stomach. Lower levels of sulphites used by careful growers mean there’s less sulphite for your body to process. Some sulphites occur naturally in wine, but in tiny quantities, which are unlikely to harm most people. Conventional wineries are routinely heavy-handed with sulphur to err on the side of caution. Unfortunately it’s your body that pays the price.

• There are fewer chemicals for your body to process or store. A lot of chemicals are used in wine production (over 300 permitted in the EEC). Organic wine gives you the health benefits of wine without poisoning you at the same time.

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